Wedding catering
Main only served as a buffet or in picnic baskets (no staff included, just drop off and set up): £16.95+VAT pp for 80+ people, £18.95+VAT pp for under 80 people

Palm leaf plates, wooden cutlery and disposable napkins included (crockery and cutlery available at an additional cost of returned dirt or free if returned clean)

Main only served as a sharing table/sharing picnic (staff included for table set up, serving and clearing): £25.95+VAT pp for 80+ people, £29.95+VAT pp for under 80 people

Crockery and cutlery included

Selection of bread, baguette, olive oil and balsamic and butter included


Select 2 from here

  • Homemade vegetarian quiche/tart (Courgette & Dijon, Goats cheese & red onion, Cheese & onion, Feta & roasted vegetable, Tomato, herb & mozzarella)
  • Spanish Frittata
  • Selection of Brie, Mozzarella, Farmhouse red Leicester, Cheddar and Stilton with figs, grapes and chutney
  • Savoury Gorgonzola cheesecake with poached pears and balsamic
  • Roasted peppers stuffed with Mediterranean couscous
  • Crispy Greek style pie (feta and spinach in filo pastry)

Select 2 platters from here (or add £4+VAT per person for 3 platters)

  • Chicken skewers (choose from Moroccan, Lemon & herb, Jerk, Pesto, Tikka or BBQ
  • Thick cut Butchers ham and mini Toulouse sausages with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise
  • Platter of Scotch eggs, pork pie and handmade Lincolnshire and sundried tomato sausage rolls
  • Antipasti platter of cured meats, olives, figs, sundried tomatoes, crudites, houmous, beetroot houmous and falafels
  • Slices of rare fillet beef with salt and pepper crust (additional £1.50+VAT per person)
  • Salmon fillets with a parmesan and herb crumb and smoked salmon with dill crème fraiche (additional £1.50+VAT per person)

Select 3 from here

  • Thyme and salt roasted new potatoes
  • Extra special potato salad with bacon, egg and peppers
  • English garden salad of green beans, potatoes, spring onions, mint, crumbled cheese and sunblushed tomatoes
  • Couscous with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, sunblushed tomatoes and lemon dressing
  • Couscous with mint, coriander, spring onion, tomatoes and pomegranate
  • Greek salad of tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, olives and crumbled feta
  • Beetroot, goats cheese and walnut salad
  • Crudites with houmous and lemon aioli
  • Apple and walnut slaw
  • Mexican bean and salsa salad
  • Halloumi and green bean salad with mint and orange
  • Mediterranean orzo and chickpea salad
  • Pasta, ricotta, lemon and courgette
  • Wild rice salad